Ballgur "Son of Fire" is the 9th and final boss in Act one of boss Clicker.

Starts with 850.000 HP and upon death spawns in an portal to hell with 100.000 HP that you have 40 seconds to destroy before another ballgur spawns in with 400.000 HP both the portal to hell and the Hell Ballgur requires the player to kill him without the help of mercs

In Elite mode Ballgur have 5.500.000 HP and the portal to hell has 700.000 HP you once again have 40 seconds to destroy it without mercs if you dont destroy the portal Ballgur respawns with 2.000.000 HP that you have to kill without Mercs

Standard Ballgur can give you:

  • Holy Water
  • Eternal Torment Crystal
  • Bag with Gold
  • Element of Destruction
  • Idol of Fate

Elite Ballgur can give you:

  • Key of Balance
  • Key of Rage
  • Key of Justice

On Uber Mode Mercenaries will instead of killing Ballgur heal him (Does not apply to dragons) He will also regenerate more HP the less HP he has