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Steelbreaker is the 1st boss in the Arena of Heroes. After him is the Emerald Golem.

Health: 30,000,000


Superiority (Passive) Damage is reduced 20%.

Berserker (Passive) Less health, more burned rating. 1 per second at 25,000,000, 2 per second at 15,000,000, 3 per second at 10,000,000.

Madness (Activates at 5,000,000 HP) Rating burn is doubled. Activated with a critical hit.

,madness(more '2' burn rating{very less health)

Special Ability:superiority(damage reduce 20%)

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Trophy: Faceguard of Iron Wrath

Trophy effect:+20k attack,+50 rating when you kill Steelbreaker, "Revenge" +50k damage

Drops: Obsidium (Always)

Void Stone (Rare drop)